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This spring i have prepared my Chess Tournament wardrobe with greater detail, so one of the shoe style’s considered is Stessy.

Recently i have found a pair of black and white patent Stessy for about $50 each. Stessy is remarkably comfortable for a heel height just over four inches. The foot bed is padded just right & unlike Louboutin & Choo “medium” width marked size,

Stessy medium is slightly wider making them more comfortable. Louboutin has the reputation as a “must have” shoe partly because of the “famous clientele” shoe of choice & much sought after brand.

You would think Louboutin would take just a few comfort considerations with his designs for the price. The only comfort suggestion offered by Louboutin aficionados is botox foot injections to alleviate foot pain! Such is masking the cure by treating the symptoms when the cure is to alleviate painful construction designs.

Is padding & arch support that expensive? Those Chinese knock-off palaces Chiboutin shoe manufactures apparently do not think so? In the 1950’s & 60’s shoe knock-offs played off on disposable shoes made of Dupont Corfam; an interesting historical foot-note to that economic innovative remedy is that shoes made of “throw away making more closet space” Corfam shoes outlasted the original kid-leather high-end designs to such an extent, those Corfam made shoes are still available in vintage shops today!

Also those vintage stilettos were significantly more comfortable, partly because they were made with sizing conforming more exactly. Shoes in that era had size spacing between AAAAAA & EEEEEE (very narrow to very wide in increments of about an eighth of an inch for both heel & toe.

Vintage shoes size i look for is 7½M AA (medium toe width & slightly narrow heel. Most of the vintage stiletto shoes sold on eBay or Etsy are usually available in off-size dead stock such as 8AAA or 9½AAAA that are shoes i can put on but do not conform too well on my feet; i get the giggles whenever i read eBay or Etsy merchandise description caveats of such stating vintage sizing runs smaller than what is contemporary available today, when vintage shoe sizing is clearly not understood by those online sellers.

Now that gel heel & toe pads are so readily available; adding those to uncomfortable high heels greatly minimizes annoying pain. Generally, contemporary high heel sizing to width have a trinary measurement of S-small M-medium or W-wide. Unfortunately, a great percentage of size available falls to medium for most salon shoes! At least Stuart Weitzman will offer narrow as well as medium; however Stuart Weitzman medium has a tendency to be a bit narrow as well.

This shoe size limitation can be compensated by going up about a half size in length with strategic placement of those wonderful gel pads.

If perhaps you are struck with the “must have” vintage shoe bug, it is best to purchase kid-leather (if available) in new old stock (NOS) condition or in like new (gently worn) condition.

Vintage synthetics such as Corfam high heels are more plentiful but the major disadvantage is the do not “breathe” very well; turning your feet into sweat boxes.

Special care must be practiced when purchasing over 60 year old vintage kid leather high heels. Moisture from sweat contains salt. The salt will find its way into the leather grain eventually causing the leather to split. A common remedy is the gentle introduction of “saddle soap” into the leather before they are worn.

Also those vintage 50’s or 60’s stilettos have another problem; the lifts are actually long nails that go completely up the heel (1954 patented innovation of Roger Vivier). Finding shoe repair shops that can replace those lifts are becoming increasingly scarce! Vintage 1980’s stiletto lifts resemble small tacks that attach to a metal cylinder, much easier to find a shoe repair shop that can replace those kinds of lifts.

Given all of those considerations, it is a delight finding Stessy on sale for $50!
Date: 2018-05-24 09:13:31

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How could I concentrate deeply to play chess with you is the main question Rebecca. Playing chess against the Flickr High heels' Queen is such a great challenge.
Léo Talon 2018-06-30 16:19:51
Well [] we could play email chess! ;-)
Rebecca Verity 2018-07-01 00:58:36
[] Not a bad idea at all Rebecca. I used to be member of an online chess club. I played several games and I gave up after a while.
Léo Talon 2018-07-01 15:51:54
OK that sounds like fun [], that would be an interesting experiment! Do you prefer Algebraic or Descriptive notation? In any case my first move as white is: e4 or P-K4.
Rebecca Verity 2018-07-01 20:38:28
[] I usually like offbeat way to open but I often trick myself when competitors know chess enough LOL.
Léo Talon 2018-07-02 03:50:32
[] but, but, but, i only started playing a little over a year ago! ;-)
Rebecca Verity 2018-07-02 03:58:58

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