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Donut Shop Brainstrain

Donut Shop Brainstrain
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I occasionally butt heads with the eclectic chessmen at Tang's Donut shop in Silverlake. I gave the guy on the right a copy of this print and he smiled. I had never seen him smile or even curl a lip. He handed the print back to me.
"No, it's for you, I made it for you."
This confused him. Maybe no one's ever given him anything before. "I... I... don't... Give it to them." He points to the store owners, chatting behind the counter. So I did. They were equally as confused. They stared at the print for a good long time and then asked, "Where? Where we gonna put this?"
"How about there?"
Mass chaos. "No no no!! That's where breakfast menu goes! No, can't go there!"
I let them figure it out. I have yet to see whether it's up or not.
Date: 2005-08-13 06:05:28

chess tangs los angeles thought black and white

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Great photo and a great story.
Lemmy Caution 2005-08-13 13:58:01
I don't think that photo could have been taken better
moe.asher 2005-09-07 01:05:47
man, you're funny. I love the stories that go along with your pics, it gives them a real sense of energy and life.
0_kelso_0 2005-09-13 12:24:52

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