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Sinop & The Old Wall in 1970 (094)

Sinop & The Old Wall in 1970 (094)
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The base at Sinop was on a mountain off the Black Sea coast, the mountain is connected to the coast by a relatively narrow isthmus and Sinop covers the isthmus – the Sinop pictures here and adjacent show this relatively well. Sinop was interesting to explore – much of the city is very old, with ruins dating back to the Byzantine empire. Unfortunately it was impossible to capture all of the ordinary, every day things about Sinop that affected me so much in my thinking about the world – the carefree children that wandered all over town, the small butcher shops with no refrigeration and carcasses hanging over the sidewalk, the retail shops where the owner sent for a cup of tea for you while you haggled over prices, the persistent begging by small children that we encountered in some areas of the town, the groups of men hanging out in cafes or the tea garden discussing heatedly and/or playing checkers and chess, the scenes of men riding donkeys while the women walked alongside carrying large bundles on their heads, the neighborly scenes of women hanging out their windows to talk with other women and check on their children, the sights of groups of men taking their young sons off to the circumcision ritual (and the later screams from the boys), the regular calls to prayer from the minarets. (An interesting thing to note in all of the pictures of Turkey from that time -- everyone is dressed in dark colors.)

This is from the mainland, looking north across Sinop isthmus, to the military base. In the larger version of the picture you can see that the original city wall is in about the center of this picture.

Pictures in this set (Military Years) are from when I was in the military, from 1967-1970. All photos were originally slides, a friend spent very many hours restoring those slides to being viewable. Best viewed as part of the Military Years set.

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